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"I gett harassed by this girl named amber she is in my class she always say im ugly and i cry every day :(" - 12 year-old girl from CA

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Teachers are often the first to notice victims of cyberbullying. Learn to recognize the signs of cyberbullying and how you can help.


Being a parent is tough enough. Use our resources to learn how to prevent cyberbullying and what to do if their child is a victim.


Are you a victim of cyberbullying or know someone who is? Our teen resources will show you how to help put an end to cyberbullying.


"While at the National Girl Bullying Conference I attended the “Cyberbullying Among Adolescent Girls” general session. Dr. Hinduja’s was very humorous, laid-back but yet very informative. I appreciated his speaking approach because it kept me alert and I was not bored with statistics. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. It instantly inspired me to learn as much as I can on the topic, which is why, I immediately changed my schedule to be sure I attended his “Safe Social Networking and Adolescent Girls: Best and Worst Practices” session. Although I was aware of cyberbullying I was taken aback by the statistics of the common practice it has become, age of victims and aggressors, but most of all the intensity of the abuse. I appreciate the generosity of allowing us to access his free resources; it is a great help in implementing education and change amongst our youth. I walked out of the sessions with a new way of looking at combating the problem: technology is not the enemy but has to be our ally. I look forward to going back and building our blogs and chat rooms for our groups!"

Elvia Pace - Mi Carrera Coordinator, YWCA San Antonio

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