Victim Stories

"I had left a comment on a picture on Facebook one afternoon, saying nothing that could be possibly hurtful. About five minutes later, A girl replied telling me, "Shut up, no one cares about what you have to say." This was a good friend of mine, who supposedly liked me. I responded saying, "Uh, where in the world did that come from?" She told me she hated me, and that I was a fat slut. She of all people should have known that I'm no good at handling critics. I knew this girl could be harsh, but none of her other friends would stand up to her. Instead, they all ganged up on me! A boy I never spoke to in my life then started a HATE group, about me! People whom I've never spoken to joined, and this girl who I thought was my friend took my pictures from my profile, and uploaded them onto the group, using mean and hurtful captions. During this time, I was already dealing with horrible depression, OCD, and General Anxiety. It made everything worse, and I felt like my suicidal problems were coming back. I would be too scared to even log into my email, in fear of being harassed by strangers. Eventually, after at least a month, Facebook deleted the group, even though I reported it long before then. I will never be the same because of this experience. Now, I know how badly it hurts to be bullied, and feel as if no one is on your side anymore." - 13 year-old girl from NC

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Teachers are often the first to notice victims of cyberbullying. Learn to recognize the signs of cyberbullying and how you can help.


Being a parent is tough enough. Use our resources to learn how to prevent cyberbullying and what to do if their child is a victim.


Are you a victim of cyberbullying or know someone who is? Our teen resources will show you how to help put an end to cyberbullying.


"Your presentation was not only interesting, but it redirected the way I have been looking at the issue. I’m not the only one. I have seen all sorts of emails going back and forth from people that are looking at this in a new light. I have seen a flow of fresh ideas on how we should deal with these situations. What you do makes a difference. Thank you for that."

Myra Binnicker - Quality Program Coordinator

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