Teachers and school personnel are often the first to notice the signs of bullying and cyberbullying among students. Click below to learn more about what you can do to help!


Being a parent is tough enough. Keeping up with what your kids are doing online is another challenge. Check out our materials and strategies to help you protect your children.


Are you a teen who is being cyberbullied? Do you see it happening at your school? Do you want to do something about it? Click below for ways to protect yourself and others from cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying Stories

"When I was 13 in middle school I would receive anonymous phone calls on my cell phone during school and after school from some boys in my Spanish class threatening to rape me, kidnap me, kill me, and kill my dog. It was literally one of the most terrifying things that had ever happened to me, and after about 2 weeks of putting up with it, I finally reported them and they were arrested. Unfortunately that's not where it ended. These boys turned out to be the well-loved class clowns of the school and the torment from other students continued on MySpace. I ended up deleting it and didn't create another one until mid-8th grade when tensions died down a bit. I felt miserable for the rest of my middle school career and pleaded with my parents to transfer schools but they wouldn't listen. I did try to commit suicide more than once. The depression carried over into high school, but it was masked by having new friends that actually liked me. Eventually I did get help mid-Senior year and am continuing talk therapy in college." - 18 year-old girl from FL

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"I truly enjoyed your talk in Atlantic City, Dr. Hinduja, and I was thinking of you yesterday. A group of middle school students had created a skit about exclusion, and the counselor made it available for all of the classes to view before their classroom meetings. One of the sixth graders, who has Cerebral Palsy, volunteered to act as the victim for the skit. The students could see the skit multiple times, and analyze the behavior of the bystanders. It was a roaring success. Next week, the students will be presenting a video about the difference between tattling and telling. I also have placed my Cyberbullying Trustee sign prominently on my office door, as well as on the podium of the school library. I have had a surprising number of adults approach me about internet security and social networking since the conference. I gave a lesson to the sixth grade about online publishing using the materials on your website. Even though that particular class has approached me often with defiance, they did seem to appreciate the information, dropping their attitudes and asking thoughtful questions. Thank you for all of your efforts to provide information about cyberbullying. You are a true hero."

Karen E. Tierney, Librarian - Saint Timothy School

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